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Compatible with your new tablet & smartphone along with advance log in and tracking features. Download free quran app for iphone as our application provides you with the opportunity to stay connected with the right teachings of Allah.

This app is clearly an enormous endeavor comprising of millions of books and a huge number of long stretches of audio recordings and will be ongoing in sha Allah.

All writings and texts will be accessible in Arabic, and English translations will be provided where these are accessible, God willing.

No cash is needed to use this site and its resources. It is totally free. You can contribute by advancing us on the web and by writing us with your feedbacks and suggestions.

Top Features

Best of the Elite Quran & Arabic Language Translated in English. Just download free quran app for android to get all the benefits.

Innovative Tools To Teach Quran

Taraweeh and Quran Connector & it’s mobile Apps are supported with a set of unique innovative tools. These tools had been invented with modern learning concepts in mind, where it aims at empowering visual & auditory memories & maximizing interactive learning.

Function For Studying Quran

Taraweeh and Quran Connector design guarantees best fit for function. Carry your mobile in your pocket, & study with us wherever you are using the best design for teaching Quran on the move.

Track Your Performance

Taraweeh and Quran Connector Apps & Software are distinguished with their capability to track your performance related to assignments & recording the progress overtime.

Encourage Self-Study

All the programs & applications at Taraweeh and Quran Connector encourage you to depend on yourself using our unique & innovative set of tools that empowers Self-Study.

We bring you a unique and interactive way to improve your Learning.
Find Your Way Around The Application

Topic: Brief essence of the selected Ayaahs
Summary: Simplified summary of the translation
Translation: Standard translation of the Ayaahs
Basic: Topics in Taraweeh under a selected Day in Taraweeh
Advance: Summary in Taraweeh under a selected day


  • Landing page for a selection of Taraweeh or Quran
  • Information at a different level
  • Switch to the recitation of the Quran under a selected day in Taraweeh
  • Go to Surah & Aayaahs under the Quran option
  • Explanation of Colour
  • Go Back to Taraweeh from Quran

Learn Quran & Its Teachings Online

Muslim Prayer. Pillars of Islam. Dua’a (Supplication). And More!

Taraweeh and Quran Connector is an online institute that provides Arabic and Quran lessons for you. We years of experience in Arabic and Quran teaching for non-Arabic speakers.


Now, you can learn and understand Quran online, listen to the Tarweeh and Quran Connector app by downloading free Taraweeh app for android & enjoy many features.


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