How to Choose the Best App for Your Quran Learning

How to Choose the Best App for Your Quran Learning

As technology changes, the world around us changes. The new generation relies on the digital world and most of our interactions take place there. Because of this we spend most of our time on the internet and we connect with people through our phones and other gadgets. The fast moving world does not stop for anyone and it requires us to adopt according to the ways of the new era. Recently even the recitation of Quran and its translations and guidance has been attained through the use of internet and mobile applications.

When revealed, the Quran was an Arabic script, written directly in the hearts. Throughout generations, it has taken spiritual, physical and virtual forms and has been carefully translated to many languages. Quran, Taraweeh, Namaz, Surahs and Ayahs; everything is now available on your mobile phone. You can browse through translations and meanings without worrying of carrying any Holy Script, moreover you don’t even need an internet connection if you already have an App downloaded that provides you with everything on the go.

How to Choose a Quran App According to Your Requirements

With the advancements of mobile phones, learners of the Quran can get applications in their phone that will allow them to read and learn the Quran on the go and whenever they can access it easily in their free time hence removing the barrier of accessibility of the Holy text that you may have otherwise not thought to carry if it were not so easily accessible in your phone thus making a good and productive use of your free time in on-the-go situations.

When choosing for an app from a variety of available applications, you need to consider the one that fits your requirements and needs. The variety of apps differ from each other as they have different operating styles and options, including the option of providing you different reciters of the Quran, each with a unique melodious voice that allows you to choose and listen to your favorite one that captivates you the most. Language options for those who do not understand multiple languages and translations in other languages are a must for every app to have because there will be users all around the globe. Text, sound, visibility and clarity is one aspect users consider a lot when choosing applications and they choose the one that is the most clear and accessible to them. This also includes in-text options including scrolling through verses and searching for particular ones.

Another key feature to consider for this application is Tajweed and it very important to have it as it allows users to grasp the importance of “Talaffuz” and they make use of the features the app provides them for correcting their recitation and pronunciation, which is very important for every reciter of Quran. This task is aided by making use of multi colors to differentiate between the different pronunciations of words. Furthermore, users also prefer ease of use inside the application, which for instance is by making sure the app has a bookmark feature that lets them start where they left from.

The “Taraweeh and Quran Connector” App

The Taraweeh and Quran Connector App is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store for Apple users. The app is highly recommendable as it uses a lot of unique yet key features. This includes advanced level assistance for a better level of understanding and comprehension of the Quran. Not only does the application provide you with translations, audio translations and color coding, it also helps you plan your Taraweeh according to topic and summary, for any Day or Rakaat or the whole Taraweeh.

The application also helps you segregate the Aayaahs by their theme. The color differentiation allows the user to understand what theme and topic is being addressed in that particular Surah, such as Allah’s Oneness, Allah’s Mercy, Allah’s Wrath or Punishment, Prophet hood or Commandments.

Furthermore, the app provides different levels of basic and advanced modes, 1st providing Topic and Quranic verses in color coded accessibility , 2nd one providing Topic, Summary and Quranic verses in Colour accessibility , and the 3rd one providing Topic, Summary and/or translation and Quranic verses in color accessibility. Therefore according to your requirements, you can prepare your Taraweeh just the way you want based on topics and themes, for particular Days or Rakaats, or for the whole Taraweeh.

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